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Blanking Dimensions for Benoit Proprietary Connections

Please click below to access the blanking dimensions for Benoit’s family of proprietary connections. If you require any additional information, or would like to speak with a Benoit representative, please contact us toll free at 1-(833)-827-2488. Benoit BTS-8 Two-Step Benoit BTS-6 Two-Step Benoit BTS-4 Two-Step Benoit BNFJ Semi-Flush Benoit BFJ Flush Joint        

Flush & Semi-Flush Connection Running Procedures

For customers running BTS Flush & Semi-Flush connections, please follow the link below to Benoit’s recommended running procedures. Flush & Semi-Flush Connection Running Procedures

BTS Running Procedures

For running procedures of the BTS connection, please check out the attached document and do not hesitate to give our technical sales team a call with any questions. BTS Running Procedures

Premium Connection Brochure

Benoit designs, tests, and manufactures premium connections for the upstream oil & gas industry. Please check out our Premium Connection Brochure to learn more about our connection offerings.


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