Completion accessories

Benoit offers a complete product line of tubular completion accessories and maintains an extensive, ready-to-ship-inventory of finished goods to better supply our customers.

A large, on-the-ground inventory of API 5CT mechanical tubing allows our technical sales team to begin the manufacturing process moments after a customer submits an order, yielding faster delivery.

Benoit designs and manufactures flow control tools. Accessories can be torqued into assemblies and pressure-tested before shipping to the rig.

Pup joints are utilized in the tubing string to land equipment and accessories at proper depths.

Subs are small components of the tubing string which are designed and manufactured in various configurations.

Crossovers are generally designed with varying connections allowing operators to run multiple sizes or thread profiles in the string design.

Blast joints provide an increased wall thickness to prevent failures caused by turbulent erosion in the ID of the tubing.

Combo-joints® are manufactured with both heavy and standard wall thicknesses and are generally run above and below flow control accessories to protect against turbulence.

Stabbing guides are designed to align casing and tubing connections during make-up on the rig floor, preventing damage to the threads and seal while reducing running time.

Bull plugs, lift nubbins, drifts, etc., don’t let the lack of one of these items shut down your project.


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