Benoit BTS-8

2.375” – 5.500” OD

The Benoit BTS-8 is an 8 pitch integral premium upset  two-step connection that utilizes one of the industries most tested designs. The BTS-8 is a modified non-interference thread which eliminates high connection stress and galling. The two-step thread design helps eliminate cross-threading and prevents damage to the thread during stabbing and impact loading.The BTS-PR connection is also available with ring groove to account for a protective seal-ring – click here to see.

30 deg
  • 30° external metal-to-metal seal
  • External torque shoulder
  • Rugged proprietary thread form
  • Two-step style connection
  • Designed for multiple use
14 deg
  • 14° internal metal-to-metal seal
  • Internal torque shoulder