Policy Statement

The quality policy of Benoit Premium Threading, LLC is

"to consistently supply our customers with quality products and services, which exceed their expectations."

This policy is achieved through the adoption of a system of procedures that ensure reliability in our processes and quality in our products.

Management's quality objectives are:

  • To plan for the "Long-term" by incorporating a strategy of continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services in order to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • To help all employees expand their potential through training and empowerment, and to expect excellence in work performance.
  • To issue clear written instructions to employees with the expectation that the job "gets done right" the first time.
  • To determine and provide any necessary resources, including management of the work environment, needed to achieve conformity to the product requirements.
  • To operate in a responsible manner with respect to the environment and society in which we live and work.

Management strives to continually improve the Quality System, thru the use of the Quality Program, audit results, customer feedback, and annual management review.

  • Superior Quality
  • First Rate Customer Service
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • A Leader in Innovation
  • Committed To Excellence