The Benoit Brand


Our history is one of determination & innovation, a true hard-work leads to success story.

During World War II, Morris Benoit worked as a roustabout and driller for Texaco while his brother Lucius Benoit worked for Higgins Industries in New Orleans manufacturing the “Higgins Boat” which supported allied forces. General Dwight D. Eisenhower referred to Andrew Higgins as “the man who won the war for us” saying without those ships “we never could have landed over an open beach; the whole strategy of the war would have been different.”

After the war, the brothers recognized an opportunity to go into business together leveraging Lucius’ manufacturing skill set and Morris’ relationships in the oilfield. Benoit Machine & Repair Works officially opened in 1943 with its first manual lathe purchased from Higgins. By the 1970s, Benoit had established itself as the premier oilfield machine shop in the area. Benoit had grown to 40 employees by 1976 when Maurice, Morris’ son purchased the company from his father and uncle. Under Maurice’s leadership Benoit grew to several hundred employees and into a globally recognized company. Benoit wouldn’t be where it is today if not for Maurice’s bold investment in CNC machining and his role in the development of numerous proprietary connections.