Pressure Testing

Benoit heavily invested in its pressure testing capabilities in order to provide customers a safe and reliable way to expose assemblies to the internal pressure environment in which they will perform.

Benoit invested in 3 custom-designed testing enclosures (55’, 80’ and 110’ long) which were engineered to provide a safe workplace while conducting internal pressure testing of downhole assemblies.

In our torque-turn department, operators make up critical downhole components and test the assemblies to identify leaks or any faults in the equipment before running on the rig. Pressure testing is conducted using water or nitrogen-gas medium, up to 20,000 psi. We have live in-tank video monitoring and recording to properly identify pressure containment problems. Assembling and testing these assemblies onshore reduces costs by preventing rig downtime.

WATCH: A quick video to learn why today’s top operators trust Benoit for all their torque and test needs.