The Benoit Brand

Global supply chain

Benoit’s global supply chain is strengthened by our affiliation with some of the industry’s most reputable mills and distributors.

We have strategically established relationships with steel mills across the globe to ensure that operators receive both the best and breadth of oilfield products and services. As a result we have built a steady, yet flexible supply chain that delivers efficiencies and added-value from each link in the chain.

We only source material from proven and reputable steel mills including JFE Steel Corporation, Benteler, and TMK IPSCO. We regularly visit these mills to observe our product output and to perform quality evaluations as well as site audits. We make sure that all of our suppliers have the appropriate management and quality assurance systems necessary to mitigate risks and ensure continuity of supply.

In conjunction with our distribution partners, our sister company Steel Service Oilfield Tubular. Inc., and our parent Kanematsu USA, more than 100 million feet of tubulars with Benoit connections have been run downhole to date.



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