Sliding Sleeves

2.0625” – 3.500” OD

The Benoit Sliding Sleeve (BSS) is a mechanically actuated flow control valve that utilizes metal-to-metal seals throughout the design, eliminating any reliance on seal rings or thread compound for sealing. The BSS is manufactured using hyper 13 chrome for the outter body components, and 17-4 PH stainless steel for the inner sleeve, to minimize corrosion and galling when shifting.

Features & Benefits
  • Chrome alloy & stainless steel components to prevent corrosion.
  • Landing nipple profile in the top sub, standard or no-go option.
  • Non-elastomeric, spring energized packing seal stack, reliable to 350°F
  • Slimline design for special clearance applications.
  • NACE versions available with Nickel alloy, 13CR-80 or low alloy steel.
  • Shift-up & shift-down to open options.
  • Gravel pack operations.
  • Selectively produce zones.
  • Circulate treatment or kill fluids.