Available in size range 2.375” – 4.000”

The BEN-EUI is an innovative semi-premium tubing connection that offers an alternative solution to the API EUE 8RD connection. By providing customers enhanced operational performance, the BEN-EUI allows E&P companies to better develop and execute completion schedules. The BEN-EUI offers operators higher pressure and torque ratings; eliminates the use of a coupling, reducing risk and increasing clearance. The uniform ID makes the connection ideal for coated applications such as CO2 injection wells or salt water disposal wells, where a reduction in torque value is not critical to the performance of the connection. The elimination of the connection J area offers significant performance advantages over the API EUE 8RD connection

  • Performance tested to API 5C5: 2018
  • 100% performance under tension loads and 80% to 100% performance under compression loads
  • Smaller diameter than API EUE 8RD allowing better clearance
  • Internal and External torque stop/shoulders
  • Rugged buttress style thread form for improved strength
  • Easily lined for corrosion protection
  • Flush I.D. eliminates the “J” area turbulence and resulting erosion/corrosion to erosion and corrosion