Available in size range 2.375” – 4.000”

The BEN-IGT is an integral upset premium connection with metal to metal seals for gas tight sealability. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) performed on the BEN-IGT showed significantly improved distribution of stresses associated with make-up, as well as tension, compression, bending and torsion when compared to industry-standard API and Premium upset connections. These reduced stresses significantly improve connection life and ensure the connection is less susceptible to stress-related corrosion. The slim Outside Diameter allows for special clearance compared to premium upset connections and most Threaded and Coupled connections

  • 100% performance under tension and compression loads
  • Smaller diameter than premium upset and most T&C connections
  • Metal to metal seals for gas sealability
  • Internal and External torque stop/shoulders
  • Flush ID that allows for the connection to be easily lined