Research & Development

General Content – Benoit has invested in the equipment, personnel, and technology to differentiat itself from the pack of gulf-coast machine shops. A major cornerstone of the investment has been Benoit’s Offshore Research & Development (BORD) center in Houma, LA. By in-sourcing critical steps of the manufacturing and validation process, we have streamlined and consolidated the years of preparation that go into a successful offshore upstream development.


Come on in! Take a virtual tour of the BORD Center.



Finite Element Analysis is costly but critical in the new-era of connection technology and development. Benoit’s team of engineers work with customers to identify and engineer stress out of the string design. Leading to a safer work environment, less NPT, and extending the life-cycle of your projects.



From manufacturing to make-up, Benoit has got you covered. With more than 30 CNC machines, including 5th-axis capabilities, torque and pressure test cells, as well as material tensile and connection load-frames, Benoit is ready to support your project.